The people of the Lutheran Church believe that God has revealed himself to all people and relates to them as three distinct persons.

As our Creator and the Maker of all that exists, he comes to us as a loving Father who provides for us the necessities of life, and cares for us in all circumstances, all because he is gracious and merciful to all. We respond to him with thanks and praise as with our lives we serve and obey him. (See Apostles’ Creed, Article One.)

God took on our flesh and blood in the person and became human in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, the eternal Son of the heavenly Father. His life was one of sinless obedience and service to the Father in heaven, a life lived for us sinners who could not. In our place he died the death we, by our sin, deserved. In his rising to life again we have forgiveness of all our sin, we have conquered death, and we live with the certainty of life forever in his eternal kingdom. (See Apostles’ Creed, Article Two.)

God fills our lives with his Spirit, empowering us for life as his people. Through the Bible, God’s written Word, we hear time and again of God’s relationship with us, his people, and by his sacramental Word, Baptism and the Communion meal, his Spirit strengthens us in faith and commitment to life as God’s people, demonstrating his love for all as we share it with the people we encounter daily. (See Apostles’ Creed, Article Three.)

Redeemer Mission

Proclaiming to our community in word and deed the empowering love of God as demonstrated in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Redeemer Lutheran Church

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